MARCH 1ST, 2014

Grim Reaper Broadheads is proud to introduce the new Hybrid broadhead which is the perfect combination between the Grim Reaper Hades and Grim Reaper Mechanical broadheads.

At the heart of the Hybrid broadhead is a fixed blade broadhead similar to the Grim Reaper Hades. The 2-blade head offers a 1 3/16” cutting diameter. Upon impact, two mechanical blades deploy which offers another 1.5” of cutting diameter, bringing the total cutting surface to a whopping 2.6875 inches! The broadhead is built with .035” thick blades and the backside of the fixed blades are sharpened to provide superior penetration and extreme internal damage, even if the broadhead backs out of the animal after the shot.

The Grim Reaper Hybrid broadhead is built with stainless steel blades, an aircraft grade aluminum ferrule, a corrosion-resistant, solid steel, rustproof tip. The V-notch chisel tip busts through bone and is designed to be extremely aerodynamic for downrange accuracy and silence in flight.

“The Grim Reaper Hybrid provides the best of both worlds,” Jay Liechty, President of Grim Reaper said. “Some bowhunters like the dependability of fixed-blade broadheads; others prefer the large-cutting diameters that mechanical broadheads offer. With the Hybrid, they get both.”

The Grim Reaper Hybrid broadhead is available in 100 grains and rounds out a complete line of top notch broadheads, including the new Fatal Steel, Razorcut SS, the Razortip and the Hades. The Grim Reaper Hybrid retails for $39.99/3. Learn more by visiting or by calling 877-474-6732.

Tracy Breen


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